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Hemp Based Products

Green NevER Tasted so good


Tennessee Hemp Products aims to bring the best hemp based health & wellness products to retailers and consumers

Grown out of Nashville, Tennessee Hemp Products is beginning distribution in Nashville and the surrounding areas. Look for us in convenience stores, smoke shops, fitness centers, and other fine retailers. Our unique position in Music City makes us well poised to move into many of the city's great music venues and the festival markets. 

Austin Frisch is the president and CEO at Tennessee Hemp Products. If you want to see any of the brands we distribute in a store near you, please feel free to contact him using the form at the bottom of the page. 








M-Th 8am–5pm
F-Sa 8am–4pm
Sun closed

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We will soon get a map of all of the retailers.
For now, we ask that you contact Austin Frisch using the contact form below. 


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